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Chealse Howell : Exclusive Interview

Chealse Howell : Exclusive Interview

Chealse Howell
Miss Multiverse Canada 2015, Top Canadian Model & Entrepreneur

What’s your nationality and background? My mother is Hungarian and my father is Italian.

Where’d you grow up? I grew up in a small town called Lindsay, which is about 2 and a half hrs north of Toronto.

What got you interested in modeling or fashion? I always had a natural love for fashion growing up, while my competitive dance got me noticed for modeling, and as soon as I got in front of the camera my passion began.

I’ll let you in on my secret… I live by the Brazilian Butt Lift from Beach Body. It helps me whip into shape for a photo shoot or event, plus I can do it in the comfort of my own home. I do that workout routine 3 times a week. I also attend dance classes, swim, and go to the gym one or twice a week.

You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal? I try to eat as best as I can, I am a vegetarian so that helps a lot but my weakness is carbs. I love my pasta, breads and cheese.

What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook: I love a man that can cook, as I say you do the cooking and I have no problem doing the cleaning.

Describe YOUR cooking skills? LOL. Let’s just say when it comes to cooking, I’m an all star at cooking pasta, pasta and more pasta. So if you like pasta come on over.

Why do good girls like dating “bad boys?” I’ve never understood the idea of wanting to be “bad,” for both girls and guys. I want to be a good person and be great at what I do, and I want my man to be the same.

When meeting a guy for the first time, what’s one of your biggest turn offs: Cockiness

What’s the best way for a guy to approach or grab your attention? The guy that knows how to work a room, confidence and class will be the one to grab my attention.

You meet a guy for the first time. What do you notice first? If they’re genuine or not.

Most guys don’t dress well… Do you have any appearance or style tips that will help a guy improve his chances with you? Simple solid styles and quality garments.

What two personality traits do you find most attractive in a man? Loyalty and honesty

Totally impressive! You’re a stunning example of brains and beauty. How do we find you on social media?

Website: www.chealsesophiahowell.com
FB: ChealseOfficial
Instagram: ChealseSophiaHowell
Twitter: ChealseHowell