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Ashton Hayden, is desperate for money and will go to all lengths to get it.

It is because of her passion for helping others that she desperate for money. She will stop at nothing to get what she needs.

Ashton is on a mission to raise funds for Joshua. He is a 16 year old boy suffering with Autism, Down Syndrome & Hirschsprung Disease. Time is running out and she needs to raise money before it is too late.


Looking down the barrel of only months left, Joshua’s family is worried about money to pay for upcoming needs, rent, medication and medical equipment.

His mother doesn’t want to be a financial burden to anyone, and doesn’t ask for help. But Ashton is not going to sit by and see Joshua live his short life without peace of mind, ticking off all the fun things on his bucket list and creating memories to look over while he is lying sick in hospital.

Ashton explains that she is desperate to raise money to cover expenses for his medical care, household and living expenses. She also wants to keep some money aside for making memories for Joshua. On Joshua’s bucket list are things such as a Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef & Whitsundays, travel to Harvey Bay to swim with the Whales and Hot Air Ballooning.

“We don’t know how long Joshua will be here for, or how long any money raised will last. We just want to get Joshua to live his last few days/months to the fullest and keep him happy. To do that, all he has wished for is to make his wishes come true! This would mean the world to Josh!” says Ashton.

Ashton is currently is a National Finalist for Miss Multiverse Australia. She refused to enter the contest and reality TV Show without the organisers agreeing to still let her focus on her mission to help Joshua. She explained that she is desperate for money to help someone special. Being strong supporters of charity, the organisers agreed to not only allow her to keep her focus on Joshua but to support her where possible.

She has a goal of $25,000 AUD and set up a fundraiser page: https://www.gofundme.com/joshualastchance.