Home Beauty Pageant News Beauty Talks With Rajkanya Baruah Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016

Beauty Talks With Rajkanya Baruah Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016

Beauty Talks With Rajkanya Baruah Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016

Beauty Talks With Rajkanya Baruah Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016

The exquisite beauty, Rajkanya Baruah, who is vying to be the next Miss World India, is not just beautiful, but highly confident and graceful. Dainty, stunning and elegant are few words to define her persona. The diva has already won many pageants in India, and has her eyes set on the Miss World India 2016 crown now. The gorgeous lady, who was crowned as Femina Miss India Kolkata and hence became the direct finalist of Femina Miss India 2016, shares her veiled aspirations, dreams and desires with Angelopedia. Below is the transcript of the interview!


Q. The world celebrates you as a newly crowned beauty queen but would you like to give us a glimpse of your veiled personality?
I am an optimistic person who believes that the glass is half full and not half empty. I’m unique in my disposition, poised, comfortable in my skin, I can handle tough situations and know how to make the best with whatever life throws at me. Give me a lemon and I’ll sell u lemonade!

Q. Would you like to share some uniquely saccharine moments of your childhood with us?
Haha… Me demanding a tiara for every birthday party of mine when I was a child, the reason behind is the funny part, my name is Rajkanya which means Princess in Hindi, so I would be like “Dad, I am not doing justice to my name, I am Rajkanya the princess, I want my crown, please get me a crown!” My father would laugh and make me understand that a crown can only be earned and not asked. I laugh when I think about this moment, but if dad was alive with us today, I could have finally told him “Dad, I finally did justice to my name, I earned this first crown for your princess!”

Q. Every great initiative branches off from a motivation, who was your role model behind stepping into the world of beauty pageants?
My role model wasn’t a person, but a thought, a belief, that the purpose of life, is a life with a purpose, I believe that’s what motivated me, to fulfill the greater purpose of my life, which is why I stepped into the world of beauty pageants because I am confidently beautiful with a purpose, which is to be an epitome of change and will help in bringing peace and positivity to this world!

Q. Who is your most loved beauty pageant winner till date, who has also inspired you to grow up as a beauty queen?
Lara Dutta

Q. What would your Beauty with a Purpose Project highlight?
I want to help the deprived, I want to help the women who have faced harassment, street kids who are in need of a food and home and last but not the least the cyber crime victims who feel that one unfortunate incident is the end to their life.

Q. How are you preparing yourself for the Femina Miss India pageant?
I am focusing on the three D’s: Determination, Devotion and Dedication to reach the one “D” which is Destination.

Q. Miss World pageants have immense level of assessments like, Beauty with a Purpose, Sports and Talent Round, how are you gearing yourself up for these challenges?
I am focusing on each level individually so that my overall performance in the pageant can be top notch, I am laying priority on being physically and mentally fit and strong so that I can put my best foot forward.


Beauty Talks With Rajkanya Baruah Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016


Q. Who was your biggest source of strength and support as you competed for the very coveted state pageant?
My mother and my father and all my well wishers. My mother’s support and blessings was my strength. Although my father is no more with us, but his spirit stood by me and lifted me up every time I felt weak.

Q. What according to you defines femininity? Who is the most treasured female figure in your life?
For me feminism symbolizes equality. The idea that any of the gender, whether it is men or women on a higher plane than the other, is the concept which hinders development! We should be able to embrace the concept of equality in order to push our women forward and I suppose there is no other religion greater than oneness. My mother is indefinitely the most treasured female figure in my life.

Q. If you wish to write an autobiography, what would be its last sentence?
If you want to shine like the Sun, you have to burn like one!

Q. What according to you is the true essence of beauty?
The true essence of beauty lies in the heart of the person. His/her actions have the capability of beautifying his/her existence. It is the personality which captures our attention but it is the beauty of heart which captures our soul.

Q. If not a beauty queen, what would you have aspired to be?
If not a beauty queen I want to become a motivational speaker.

Q. How do you balance your diet? What is your fitness regime?
I am a fitness freak, fitness is like an addiction to me, I have been following a low carb and high protein diet for over a year now since I joined the gym, apart from weight lifting, I am also into Zumba, transcendental medication and I am planning to join kick boxing. I won the best body subtitle in Fbb Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016.

Q. If you had to change one thing in your past, what would it be and why?
My present is the product of my past, changing anything would change my definition of me as a person. The past should be embraced no matter how bitter or sweet it is, because the past has made me into the strong person I am today. I want to inspire others with my inspirational journey of life.

Q. What message would you like to give to your fans on Angelopedia?
I would like thank each one of you for the love and support, I am me because of you all! Please keep the love and support and help me in our journey to the coveted crown of Miss World 2016.


Beauty Talks With Rajkanya Baruah Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016